Art Direction, Branding, Visual Identity
Creative Director: John Lorelli
Copy: Laurie James, Maggie Dodson
Digital Design: Sharon Taylor

Branding identity for Hugel Aesthetics, a joint venture between South Korea’s Hugel, Inc. and Austria’s Croma-Pharma GmbH. For the launch of Hugel Aesthetics in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the brief was to re-envision the brand in a beauty-forward lens, while still staying true to its identity as a medical aesthetics company.

The result is an elevated, minimal approach that bridges the gap between medical aesthetics and beauty. Slight nods to Hugel, Inc. (and its heritage as the top-selling filler brand in South Korea) is seen in the continuation of the cyan (from its parent company), and in the iconography.

Clean, transparent imagery featuring vials and glassware convey clinical precision and credibility. Model photography is candid but filled with smiles, imbuing a sense of joyful confidence and empowerment that can be attained through use of their products. Cooler cyan and aqua blue tones create a juxtaposition for model photography, allowing the warmth of skin and skin tones to come forward.

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