Art Direction, Design, Digital
Design Director: Gina Grimm
Copy: Stacy B. Masand, Claire Coghlan

Responsive landing page for the first reveal of JLo Beauty. Intent for site was two-fold — the first look and preview into the skincare brand, and to promote a presale for a limited-edition kit — aimed at creating user-generated buzz — leading up to the official launch date.

Concepts were provided as to how JLo Beauty can visually come to life as a brand, since the only assets available (at that moment in time) were packaging and talent and product photography. 

Concept 1 expanded on the ‘glow-like and prismatic” photography, in a glam-luxe feel. Concept 2 kept within the traditions of editorial beauty visuals, while still including a small touch of glamour (because it’s JLo after all!) 

Concept 1 

Concept 2 

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