Art Direction, Branding & Identity, Design
Design Director: Gina Grimm
Copy: Victoria Veilleux, Stacy B. Masand

A clean celebrity skincare brand originally slated to launch in the summer of 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstances during the pandemic, it was delayed. Recently launched in October 2021, it was renamed to Kind Science and re-branded to align with updated business goals. 

Prior positioning focused on its founder and ingredients (which were originally new to market in 2020), with a playful, pop-y look and feel. In an effort to elevate the look and feel for 2021, the updated vis ID was envisioned instead with lush, verdant botanicals — leaning into its plant-foward, benefit-driven story — while still maintaining a light, airy and joyful feel.
Due to budget constraints, previously shot model photography from 2020 had to be integrated to able to live alongside the new vis ID and product photography.


Overall Brand Look and Feel

Brand Style and Typography Guide
Brand guide with logo and typography rules.


A clean, minimal website that served to highlight the principal photography. Lush botanicals and hero products, as well as an aspirational brand video of its founders, were intended to anchor (and stand out from) the rest of the website. Minimal accent colors lent themselves to the clean yet joyful feel.


Product Display Page 


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