Architectural Design, 3D

Interior design work and custom furniture fabrication for The Assembly.

Custom Retail Shelving

Custom Round Tables and Menu Board


Animation, Design
Creative Direction: Roxane Zargham
Copy: James Moore

Video animation for Related Properties' development in Santa Monica, California. All animation created in After Effects.


Animation, Styleframe, Storyboard
Software: Cinema 4D, AfterEffects

A motion short inspired by the transformation of a daily routine. A earbud changes into a microphone, exploring the double juxtaposition between how sound is carried outwards but audible only to the ear, versus a microphone amplifying sound that is carried inwards.

3D objects built in Cinema 4D with animation composited after in After Effects.


Animation, Styleframe, Storyboard
Software: AfterEffects

A motion animation inspired by a personal diaspora. Milky, watercolored cityscapes connote the memory and fondness for my home country Singapore, while depicting the rapid changes and socio-economic disparities that occur as it gains more strength within the global economy—in this case, the elderly who built Singapore.

"Samsui" depicts migrant workers who toil to build a city, while an emerging cityscape forms with intensity in the background as the passage of time plays out. The simultaneous dwindling of the workers connotes the displacement of the elderly in today's vibrant economy, as they struggle to survive in a country that has marginalized the very citizens that made it as viable as it is today.


3D, Compositing
Software: AfterEffects, Cinema 4D

A 3D graffiti sculpture built in Cinema 4D, and composited into an original shot image, to further emphasize the purpose of these nondescript bike racks mounted vertically on a wall in Santa Monica, CA. Concept was for the sculpture to serve as a stylized, kinetic "sign" to draw attention to the bike racks, to indicate their purpose and use, if never encountered/seen before.

Final Composited Image

3D Modeling Stages

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