Christina Aguilera

Redefining sexiness for Christina within the fragrance world—while adhering to her image and brand equity. Creative exploration for a Christina Aguilera fragrance launch. Deliverables were for a TVC moodboard and print campaign explorations.  
*CONCEPTArt Direction, Campaign Direction, Design

1. SYNESTHESIASexiness is personal and comes from within, and Synesthesia explores facets of sensuality and the self. The fragrance celebrates femininity by triggering a deeply emotional and sensual personal experience. Behold, your sense of self. We see Christina exploring her sensuality through a multitude of intermingled senses, beginning from a B&W dream-state and awakening in color. The print campaign includes sensual reds, as an emotional and visual trigger for the audience’s senses. Alt B&W print explorations weave in the TV narrative, showing her outer demeanor while illustrating the inner burst of sensory experience. 

2. TIMELESSIn Timeless, we see Christina’s enduring beauty as a parallel to iconic representations of classical female beauty through the ages. Underneath it all, she’s always Christina, and she’s always beautiful. Behold an enduring, timeless beauty. The TVC illustrates her enduring beauty—she stands strong against a stark wall as projections of female icons appear over her. 

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