Art Direction, Design
Design Direction: Gina Grimm
Copy: Claire Coghlan, Stacy Masand

Sea Calm Skin is a bodycare brand for psoriasis and eczema. When first tasked with this project, brand vis ID and product photography were already created. The ask was to envision how its social media content, specifically Instagram, would look and feel.

Art direction for the social grid incorporated static product and ingredient features, existing product and video testimonials, brand quotes to echo user’s skin issues, user quotes to speak to product effectivness, influencer content that was color-corrected to match the brand palate, and mood swipe of aspirational lifestyle imagery for different categories. The goal was to create a robust lexicon of content to resonate with the brand’s audience.

Brand Mood Imagery for Social

Brand Quotes

User Quotes

Product Features and Ingredient Highlights


Influencer Statics

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